To understand any story of my world, one would have to know about the struggle for leadership that took place in Latharna years ago.

"year of the rebellion"

Found within the history of every city in Archeimos, is a story of rebellion. For Latharna, this rebellion marked the end of King Vitellius' leadership. End, meaning a brutal beheading, but the storyteller is getting ahead of himself. King Vitellius was known as a noble man, who had been blinded by his will to conquer. You see, in his old age, the King devoted himself to the glory of his Royal Army, while the people of his great city suffered. Proud soldiers suited with clean outfits stepped over starving beggars on the streets. Beggars that would not be beggars, had it not been for the heavy taxes introduced to support the King's glorious army.

Deep inside the city, away from the King's ear, the people gathered. Whispers of rebellion echoed through the streets as the militia shaped. Some storytellers would have you believe that at the front of that militia was the king's youngest son, Tyreal.

Ah, the story of Tyreal, a child who grew up in the cold shadow of his older brother. The fact that the King neglected his son Tyreal was no secret around Latharna. It was common knowledge that of his two children, King Vitellius only cared for his heir to the throne, Evan. Thus, Tyreal grew up in the confines of his dark, cold room. Isolated and brooding over bitter, jealous thoughts.

However, the unfortunate story of Tyreal is another one altogether. For now, the storyteller goes back to the rebellion. Suppose, for instance, we support the idea of Tyreal being the leader of the militia. Being the King's neglected child grants him the ability to be places and hear things not otherwise possible, and would allow him to launch a rebellion according to the departure of the Royal Army. Vitellius was about to experience his first true war on the home front.

Slamming at the gates of his fortress was an immense mob. Fortune was not in the King's favour; as his Royal Army was at war with the Centaur Forces, the fortress was left at the gathering militia's mercy. And inside the dark chambers of that fortress, hidden from the mob, King Vitellius spoke his last recorded words to his son Evan:

"How foolish of me, the power does not lie in the armies, in truth, no army can match the power found in the very will of the people."

And so King Vitellius slowly walked to the gates and made his last attempt to win back the people. Slowly, the mob calmed to the words and promises of their King. And so the tension eased as the King's charismatic words pierced their rage and discontent. It appeared as though all the anger had been quelled until the leader of the militia broke free from the mob.

"Lies! A man in his position would say anything! Are you that weak? To believe something so foolish?"

A brief moment of silence and for the first time ever the King's eyes showed fear. Fear found in the thought of fate lying solely in the immense mob before him. Alas, the mob cheered, and roared, slamming at the gate's of the fortress. And this brings us near the end of our story of Latharna's rebellion. You're probably wondering what happened to King Vitellius. Well, he lost his head. However, I wouldn't be a good storyteller if I did not mention the glimpse of recognition in the eyes of the King as he saw the militia leader prepare the guillotine.

- Matyas Hahn

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